Artwork requirements are for Acrylic and Crystal Series.
CorelDraw files:
- CorelDRAW X3 or older versions preferred.
- Include any font files you have used for it or you can convert your text to curves so we can still read it.
- If you convert your text to curves, we will not be able to edit your text.
Adobe Illustrator files:
- Since we are more familiar with CorelDraw tools, we will import your Adobe Illustrator files into CorelDRAW for our use.
- Please convert the text to outlines before sending it to us.
- Save as Illustrator CS3 file (*.ai) or older versions.
- We may need to re-typeset your text if there is to be multiple changes.
We accept electronic art on the following medium:
- E-mail
Faxed Proofs:
- We will provide you with a faxed proof. You should check the proof for spelling, wording, punctuation and arrangement. After a faxed layout has been approved by you, any errors that you may have made or production changes will be quickly corrected but for an additional charge. To avoid any problems or delays, it is important that you carefully check the faxed proof for accuracy.
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